Feb Half Term Tennis Camp

Monday 15th to Thursday 18th February

Jonathan will be coaching on Monday & Tuesday, Ian will coach on Wednesday & Thursday.

Please enrol online as we need 6 players per day for the camp to run. We should get down to 18, from 24, available spaces that's listed on the site. 

Racket Restrings

Have a fresh string bed for the start of the season.

The string bed makes contact with the ball and if the strings are older than 6 months all the elasticity in them will have been stretched to breaking point.............the racket will be 'dead'. It will feel lifeless but you'll be used to it. Have a look at the button above for stringing options or see Jonathan. 

Term 3 Jan-Feb

Monday 4th January to Sunday 14th February

Floodlight fees continue this term at £1 per session. They have been included in the course fees.

Courses are 6 weeks long but I have only charged for 4 weeks so we have 2 sessions grace if the weather is bad and coaches cancel. If the weather is ok weeks 5 and 6 will be pay & play.

Jonathan will be taking over all of Phil's coaching now he has left. Make sure you have his mobile number 07970167234 and like the gatesheadtennis page for weather updates. Any questions just text. 

1. As a Blaydon TC member you should become a British Tennis Member on www.lta.org site (click PLAY hover over COMPETING and click START COMPETING then select JOIN British Tennis and click the green JOIN TODAY) ....its free and you will get a BTM number starting 10...  and a rating.
2. You will also be able to OP IN to Wimbledon tickets.....you need to do this so Blaydon TC gets a good allocation of tickets for members. Don't worry if you don't want the tickets offered to you simply say not interested and they will be put back in the draw.  

Fridays mini red tennis will transfer to Newburn Leisure Centre from Thorpe Academy and change time to 4-5pm. Over Newburn bridge and left onto Grange Road and its on your left.

Saturday mini tennis Tots, Red, Orange will continue at Blaydon Youth Club. Mini Green and Bronze squad will remain at the tennis club.  

Tuesday Girls coaching continues 6-7pm.

Adult coaching:
Beginners Saturdays 11-12pm Xpress1 
Intermediate Tuesdays 7-8.30pm Xpress2 

Blaydon Tennis Club

Membership will be due on 1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017

Everyone needs to be a member of the tennis club to access coaching, play for the teams and use the courts themselves.

If your'e over 9 and have registered with the lta for a btm (british tennis number) you can also OPT-IN for wimbledon tickets. 2 benefits: 1 your btm number gets drawn nationally, 2 your opt-in increases the tickets Blaydon TC gets and........your number is drawn again for those Blaydon TC tickets.   

New players can try a term of coaching before deciding which category to join.

New to Tennis?

We play tennis outside in the fresh air at Blaydon Tennis Club and have 9 floodlit tennis courts so weather permitting we play all year round. We are an accredited Sport England 'club mark' club which in part means we have a safe and secure environment to play and coach tennis. All coaches have an enhanced crb certificate and LTA coaching qualification.

You can try a term of tennis coaching, usually 6 weeks, before you join the tennis club. If you do a second term you have to join. More details above 'Blaydon Tennis Club' and a link to the club website.

We have an extensive programme and will have something for you whether you are 3 or 63, a complete beginner or advanced team player, coming with a friend or by yourself - whatever you want we can provide it.

There's a lot of courses listed on this site so please have a good look around. If you can't find what you are after please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Many Thanks
Jonathan Newton (Head Coach)